Internship Evaluation Survey

General Information

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Internship Program

Internship Start Date

Length of your internship at Uptodown

How did you find out about this internship?

What were your duties?

What goals did you have at the start of your internship at Uptodown?

Did you achieve those goals?

I would like be contacted if a position opens up that is relevant to my skills.

Supervision at your internship

I was provided with an orientation at Uptodown.

My site supervisor discussed ways I could reach my learning goals.

I understood my tasks and responsibilities.

Someone was available to provide assistance.

I was given assignments that were my primary responsibility.

My site supervisor monitored my progress during the internship.

I was assigned an appropriate amount of work.

Overall Evaluation of your Uptodown internship

This experience gave me a realistic preview of a field of interest.

I assumed additional responsibility as my experience increased.

The environment encouraged me to participate.

I was treated professionally.

The work I did was challenging and stimulating.

There was enough work to keep me busy.

I’d recommend interning at Uptodown to other students.

Additional Feedback

What is your advice for future students regarding an internship with this organization?

Please provide any suggestions/ideas you have to improve our future internships at Uptodown.